Welcome to "The Anti-Team" or "A-Team" for short. We are called The Anti-Team because we perform shows with various riders from all over. Some of our riders are even from other teams making us truly what we like to call a “Stunt Army”.

    We are a fully insured, professional stunt group that has been really getting our name on the map over the past few years. We have performed at national bike-fest’s, car shows, Indoor events, dealership demos, church/school functions and everything in between. We’ve been in several magazines, newspapers, books, TV news shows & have even been a topic of conversation by professional athletes/racers as well.

    Not only do we travel up and down the East Coast performing shows and completing mind blowing stunts every year, we recently started doing yearly fund raising events for charities as well! We have a large web following and a reputation for being one of the top stunt organizations in the USA today.

    The Anti-Team is one of the most versatile stunt organizations around today. This is because we can perform on anything from our 50cc scooters to our 1200 Harley “Stuntster”. Our shows have been called “more exciting & impressive” than some of the top stunt teams of the industry today. If your event requires ground breaking excitement and professional entertainment than look no further than The Anti Team.


Dug Strickler


East Coast’s premier 
stunt/drift team

Welcome to...

Increase & attract customers to your event
Spectators & property are fully insured
Performing sportbike & Harley demos daily
Multiple/Tandem riding w/ pyrotechnics 
Full audio sound system included
On site photography included
Event advertising included

Specializing in Professional Motorcycle Stunt Shows

    The Anti Team is NO-ONE & EVERYONE’S team! It is a Lifestyle that only the drama free individual can understand. Whether your Stunting in a parking lot by yourself, or doing major shows and comps with friends, the Anti Team believes that riding should be all about fun and remain stress free. We need to remind ourselves why we got into this sport in the first place. If you feel the same way about riding as we do, come ride with us.

Dug S.

Anti-Team Founder/Rider